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time passes

2010-11-20 21:27:45 by ciliath

ahh geez, when will I be able to paint with colours? *sigh*
i feel like i'm in-between 2 steps; like i'm really close from crossing over to the next stage...
yet, even though it feels close, that tiny step is blocked by a huge brick wall...

in the end, i still have a long way ahead :p
*need to persist* *need to persist*

and one more thing, YOU, you are awesome!!

nothing, nothing at all

2010-01-08 10:36:26 by ciliath

hello everybody... no actually, hello you, yes you!

if you wonder about what i'm up to right now, then let me tell you, i am doing the exact same thing as you are...

except if you are doing that, which i comprehend is perfectly normal.
we all have our bestial needs that must be satisfied ... yeah ... that...
caress kitties.

totaly random post, for totally random persons
well, what did anyone expect, not that there's a lot more to write about.