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Entry #2

time passes

2010-11-20 21:27:45 by ciliath

ahh geez, when will I be able to paint with colours? *sigh*
i feel like i'm in-between 2 steps; like i'm really close from crossing over to the next stage...
yet, even though it feels close, that tiny step is blocked by a huge brick wall...

in the end, i still have a long way ahead :p
*need to persist* *need to persist*

and one more thing, YOU, you are awesome!!


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2010-11-20 21:44:00

The hammer of practice>brick wall.

ciliath responds:

i wish i had a bazooka :3


2010-11-20 22:16:32

im not so big on putting color in my work. i normally just like black and white but i guess you can only improve yourself as an artist if you feel comfortable in color. so me and you both man

ciliath responds:

yay, im not alone having this issues :P