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it's nice but...

some anatomical anomalies are present,
like a misplaced nose, an oddly formed right hand (her right hand)
and I don't know, but I feel like there's something wrong in the "butt" area
that could be just me though...

but I like your cute style, and you get a plus for actually having a bg this time
(even though it's quite psychedelic)


clean lines, good colors and a bonus for her being cute.
Sir, you just got yourself a 10

i don't understand

that last come back, "just not your own"?
what are you referring to xD

and it's "l'esprit de l'escalier" not "lesprit de lescalier"

Torogoz responds:

I had the ' in place but they didn't display properly for some reason.

lulz :p

narwhals narwhals~



Sacrebleu!!! Ou comme les anglais le prononce "suck my bleu"

durp and thumbs up!!!

je sais pas exactement pourquoi mais j'adore ta série :'D
ta un style sympa, des caractère intéressant et surtout des conversations a deux balles qui rendent l'histoire assez simple a suivre;

Donc continue cette superbe histoire copain :p

koroboy responds:

Merci beaucoup ! Pour les dialogues débiles et l'absurde y'en aura encore beaucoup !


i dare say the hand holding the Popsicle is a bit strange, but the rest of the image is awesome enough to make up for it :p

my first impression of this image was, i love her hair!
even her expression is astounding, hard to say why but im longing for summer now :)

though may i ask, did you do this without any smudging? cause it looks like it.
I don't mean it's bad thing, im rather amazed about that; I wouldn't be able to paint anything digitally without the smudges function >_>

wonderful work, keep it up :)

everydaycombat responds:

Haha, thank you. Yes, seems as though the popsicle hand is the bane of this image.

Actually, no, I used the smudge tool a bit for the hair because I got irritated doing the highlights. I'm definitely tempted to use it, but I try to keep going with the technique of pressing Alt and clicking around the image to pick up color.


i like it,
but the legs are without proper shape/curves and therefore looks like nothing more than balloons; yeah, i'd say this could be a wonderful piece of art if you redid the legs


true true, that song is good ^^
and so is you painting, though that arm rising in the air looks a bit weird >_>

Blibbles responds:

Perhaps it's not bent enough. I was more or less looking at the video for reference. xD

My version could well possibly a bit off. But... I don't think so... It's right when he finishes lifting his arm in the intro.


when i first look at this i think, he knows how to draw, that's for sure.
then i let my eye wander and i bump into some things.

the first thing that hit me is that neji's head might be too tilted, it look unnatural to have one's head like that, the second thing is that the scenery is quite lacking in power. I mean, you definitively have the mood in this painting, but it lacks this "je ne sais quoi" that makes it really interesting.

now note that i am not an expert, but i'd still like to tell you my opinion.
one thing for sure is that the trees are not defined enough. That pretty much sucks out all energy from this picture. A bit of defined grass wouldn't be too bad either. And maybe a tad bluer sky (too white)

now now, i don't want to be all criticism, so i'll tell you the good things you did that i liked a lot.

first of all, the shadow sent down from the trees is what really gives this life; and secondly, a quite correct anatomy on the two characters.

great job :)

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last year yay : D


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